How To Make Youtube’s Most Potent Cannabutter – The 114g Death Butter.

WARNING: This Recipe is not for amateurs, first timers or lightweights whatsoever.

Doc Hawke’s Ultra strength DeathButter Recipe.

3 LB – Unsalted Butter (clarified)

114Gr – Dried flowers (decarboxylated)

4 Tbsp – Emulsifier (Lecithin granules)

(Lecithin is added to the dried flower w/ the clarified butter before starting the magical butter machine 2-hr butter cycle, This is an emulsifier/thickener and will help solidify your butter. Sorry it was not included in this video, This video I did solo, next one I am going to hire a helper, hahaha.)

With the assistance of Magical Butter’s Magic Butter Machine ( Doc Hawke quickly demonstrates how to easily produce the most potent Cannabutter known to youtube, right at home!

This 114Gr batch of DeathButter is The First of many to come! Stay tuned for a video that will feature an even stronger batch of Death butter with MCT oil.

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