THC Infused Gummy Bears (New Video Uploaded with Available Kit)

We are happy to now offer a shelf stable diy at-home gummy kit with full tutorial.

Updated Tutorial with Shelf Stable Recipe Kit Available –


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* 3oz flavored gelatin box (not sugar free),
* 2 tsp or two packs unflavored gelatin
* 2/3rd cup of cold water
* 1/2 tsp lecithin
* Your Product (I used 850mg SLH TruClear concentrate)

Combine the powders, add water, stir.
Let sit 10-15 min allowing gelatin to bloom.
Heat on low heat for five minutes, stir, heat five minutes, stir (repeat until it looks fairly clear).
Add THC product, stir in for a minute.

Transfer to molds.

Wait 10-15 minutes until gelatin sets.

Dust the back with cornstarch, if desired.

Pop out of molds (you can dip your fingers in cornstarch to avoid tackiness).

Allow to sit out overnight to allow dehydration of additional water.

Dust them with cornstarch, of desired.

Store in fridge.

Nostalgia GCM600 Electric Giant Gummy Candy Maker

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